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The Planet Within:
Group Consciousness as the gateway to the new Civilization

an international co-creative gathering for a deeper experience of group consciousness

May 29 – June 2, 2019
Aula della cultura, Città della Pieve, Italy

This gathering is a co-creative space within which every participant will contribute to the anchoring of an expanded group consciousness. We will discover together how Groups can contribute to the realization of the New Civilization

Why this gathering?

On our Planet today, a New Civilization is seeking to be born, yet significant work still lies ahead to bring it into being.
Groups have a powerful responsibility in this endeavour by building greater cooperation and partnership across all dimensions of life.
This gathering is a bold, co-creative, pioneering step towards realizing the potential of the group life and its impact on the evolution of the Cosmos.

Together we will:

  • create an expanded understanding of group consciousness
  • participate in a ‘living labfor group life, exploring cooperation and co-creativity as core principles
  • stimulate greater engagement and partnership within group life with all kingdoms and beings
  • as a group, contribute to the manifestation of this brighter future

Each attendee will become part of the light worker group that will continue to consciously align with and anchor the work of the gathering beyond these initial 5 days in Umbria.

Why should you attend?

Over 5 days we will explore every dimension of Life with a precise intention:
live an expanded awareness and experience of group consciousness: ‘the planet within’.
Every person who attends the gathering is both a participant and a contributor and plays a core role in the creation and anchoring of the next step in group consciousness. Your ‘voice’ and your energy will be key at this event.
The impact of our work together will extend beyond the gathering itself as each person anchors the energy from the event back into their own group.

Who should attend?

Groups or individuals committed to developing the highest possible levels of group expression, cooperation, group consciousness and creativity across the Planet.

Participation may be from individuals or multiple members of groups such as:

  • existing communities or intentional spiritual communities and ecovillages
  • conscious commercial and/or socially responsible organizations
  • nformal and formal groups dedicated to helping all of us in humanity to create a new way of living and being.
Group work at the Community of Living Ethics

How will we work?

We intend to connect and enter into the next level of group consciousness that is seeking to be experienced, to bring about the New Civilization.
We will work together through a with combination of:

  • talks & presentations
  • group sharing
  • experiential and co-creative work
  • group meditation

Deep inquiry, expanded understanding and new realisations will all contribute to the exploration of the field of group consciousness as the gateway to the New Civilisation.


We aim to at explore together each aspect of the vast field of group consciousness: be that cosmic, mineral, plant, animal or human, as we weave these aspects together and embody them individually and collectively.

Cosmic Realm

Mineral Realm

Plant Realm

Animal Realm

Human Realm

Key contributors

We are inviting a number of people to be key contributors; people who express and live the reality of group consciousness in their lives. Contributors will be asked to embrace the full scope of the gathering – seeing themselves both as helping to shine the light on an aspect of consciousness that sits within group consciousness and as a co-creators of the group field along with all participants.

Call for Insights

We are looking for examples, case studies and stories about group consciousness which will be shared on the web page for the event. The articles can be written by an individual or be a group collaboration.

Through these insights and sharings we hope to start to build the tapestry or the ‘field’ that will help all participants to go even deeper into exploring, understanding and living group consciousness.

Please send us your ideas to planetwithin2019@comunitadieticavivente.org

Event  Information

Conference Host and Partners

The Community of Living Ethics is honoured and excited to host this conference, having spent nearly 40 years experimenting with ways of being a living expression of group consciousness. We will be working in cooperation with many other well established groups in realising this event.

Green and wooded hills with medieval villages, vineyards and olive groves. Ancient ancestors of the Umbrian today – proud but friendly people – were the Etruscans, with their necropolis and stone streets.

This is Umbria. The Community of Living Ethics is right here, nearby the town of Città della Pieve.
The conference will take place at the Hall of Culture, a building belonging to the Community,  designed and built accordingly to the laws of harmonious construction and sacred geometry. Its architectural measures and spatial relationships originate from the application of the golden section and harmonic proportions. The Hall has been thought as a “space container” that unites sky, earth and the evolving human consciousness. These are symbolically represented by the cover divided into twelve parts – as the Zodiac Constellations, by the floor of the building that reflects the sky itself and by ten arches jointed at the top into a suspended dome, the culminating point of the building.

Optional accomodation will be arranged within the Community Centers: they are farmhouses immersed in the green countryside and characterized by a synthesis of beauty and simplicity. Here you will have the occasion to experience the Community life, tuned on the values of brotherhood by sharing morning meditations, breakfasts, lunches and dinners: a simple life but rich in meaning and contacts.

Booking Information – Early Bird booking is now open


1 – EARLY BIRD “Gathering  Only”  – book before 31 /01/2019

€ 490,00 € 410,00

The Early Bird discount is for bookings confirmed by payment before the 31st of january, 2019.
The Early Bird fee for “Gathering only”  the “A Option” – The Full price fee for “Gathering only” is  the “B Option” and it will be available after jaunary  2019 the 31st:
A. Early Bird: € 410,00 if you register and pay by January 31, 2019
B.  € 490,00 after January 31, 2019

What the “Gathering only” fee include?

  • Full Gathering participation
  • Light lunches
  • coffee breaks

2 – Early Bird “All Inclusive ” Package –  book before 31 /01/2019

€ 790,00 € 710,00

The Early Bird discount is for bookings confirmed by payment before the 31st of january, 2019.
he Early Bird fee for the “All Inclusive” package the “C Option” – The Full price fee ffor the “All Inclusive” package the “D Option” and it will be available after jaunary  2019 the 31st:
C. Early Bird: € 710,00, if you register and pay by January 31, 2019
D. € 790,00: after January 31, 2019:

What the All Inclusive Package includes?
It includes:

  • Full Gathering participation
  • Light lunches
  • Coffe breaks
  • Accommodation (in double room) at one of the country house of the Community of Living Ethics (CLE)
  • Continental breakfast and dinner
  • Transportation from the country house to the Hall of Culture(Conference Center) and return (if not self-driving)

Payment options
Payment via Bank account is now active. Online payment will be available soon.

Other Services

  • Shuttle service from Città della Pieve to the Hall of Culture (Conference Center) and return, on reservation.
  • Discounts for young people: 50% discount under 26 years, 25% between 27 and 32 years.


  • Stay at the Community of Living Ethics(CLE), the Sunday night after the Gathering – € 25,00 per night.
    (This is availble only if you choose the “All inclusive” package)
  • If you decide for the option A or B and prefer to stay at local accomodation facilities, you can choose one of our agreed structures. Please contact us if you need help on this.
  • For longer stays, please make arrangements with the secretariat: planetwithin2019@comunitadieticavivente.org

Refund policy

  • If you cancel by 15/04/19  you will receive a refund of the 80% of the amount paid.
  • We will unable to give you a refund if you cancel your reservation after 15/04/19.

Early Bird Booking

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