The practice of Creative Meditation

Joyful service is the call of the soul

This Light Touch calls us to bring to life the qualities and values of the Laws and Principles of the Soul.

Meditation can be considered simply as a spiritual and transformational relationship that brings the soul into a working relationship with its personality. The ability of the personality to demonstrate and express the qualities and values of the soul is the fundamental destiny of service that we are seeking to engage with.

Service is an expression of the energy of the great Life in Whom we live and move and have our being.  It is a huge group effort which we consciously or unconsciously apply within the ‘cosmic golden web’ of planetary relationships. A group through its thought life generates an evolving and constantly changing field of consciousness that gives rise to new ideas and ways of being this is the hope and glory of our participation.

‘I slept and dreamt that life was joy.  I awoke and saw that life was service.  I acted and behold, service was joy.’ – Rabindranath Tagore

Method, Times, Requirements

Using creative meditation and working with the laws and principles of everyday living we can and are weaving the energy fabric of the new civilisation that as world citizens we all long to see manifesting here on Earth.

Join us for a joyful exploration of group and planetary service.

Three days experiantial creative meditation retreat. All are welcome.

Activities 2018-2019


June, Monday 03 (9.30 a.m.) – Wednesday 05 (h. 13.00)



Scuola Focalizzatori di Gruppo, persone in gruppo in giardino
  • Summer course

  • Period: three days

  • Access level: basic (open all)

  • Language: English

  • Coaches:  Elisabetta Raspini, Janet Derwent

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to help out with daily tasks during my stay? 2017-07-30T15:33:41+00:00

The Community of Living Ethics is based on group cooperation; thus course participants are invited to help with some daily tasks (e.g. clearing tables and washing dishes) together with those Community friends, who are offering their service to the group during that period.

How does accomodation work? 2017-07-30T15:32:20+00:00

Normally, seminars include the overnight stay. Participants will stay either in double or triple rooms with outside bathrooms. The requests for single accommodation needs to be communicated directly to the Secretariat at the time of booking. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that single rooms will be available.
Always enquire upon booking about included accomodation and possible options.

At what time will start and end my class? 2017-07-30T15:18:04+00:00

All one-week seminars and courses start on Sunday at 4.30 pm and end on Saturday with lunch at 1 pm.
Weekend seminars start either on Friday at 4.30 pm or on Saturday at 9.30 am and end on Sunday with lunch at 1 pm.

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