The Seven Psychological Types in Client Work

5 – 7 June 2019 _ Seminar, open to all

The new psychology will be based on an understanding of the seven psychological types – also known as the seven rays.
This workshop will show you how to test and work with your client’s personality – and soul type (based on an advanced online profiling tool) as part of your counselling work.

Go to www.jivayou.com/en/ and try the free personality test based on Roberto Assagioli’s Seven Types.

The workshop will also demonstrate a new way to present the seven psychological types in mainstream society without using esoteric or hard-to-understand language. You will also be introduced to practical exercises that can be used to develop the potentials inherent in the psychological types.

The workshop will be based on Kenneth Sørensen’s book: The Seven Types and his online typology testwww.jivayou.com/en/ ).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to help out with daily tasks during my stay? 2017-07-30T15:33:41+02:00

The Community of Living Ethics is based on group cooperation; thus course participants are invited to help with some daily tasks (e.g. clearing tables and washing dishes) together with those Community friends, who are offering their service to the group during that period.

How does accomodation work? 2017-07-30T15:32:20+02:00

Normally, seminars include the overnight stay. Participants will stay either in double or triple rooms with outside bathrooms. The requests for single accommodation needs to be communicated directly to the Secretariat at the time of booking. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that single rooms will be available.
Always enquire upon booking about included accomodation and possible options.

At what time will start and end my class? 2017-07-30T15:18:04+02:00

All one-week seminars and courses start on Sunday at 4.30 pm and end on Saturday with lunch at 1 pm.
Weekend seminars start either on Friday at 4.30 pm or on Saturday at 9.30 am and end on Sunday with lunch at 1 pm.

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