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Upcoming International experiences


Light your fire!

From 11th of July, 2021  –  A co-creative experiential week open to all to spark your  inner fire […]

Course in group focalisation

Group Focalisation class

More info | A class open to all to explore the principles of Group Science […]

Meditazione creativa

We are the Path

From the 5th of August, 2021 – A seminar open to all about presence and meditation […]

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The Conference has ended, but you can still access the Conference materials and read all about the event.
You can also read the Synthesis note by Marina Bernardi

Readings on Agni Yoga

A new start

A new start!

Some of our residential classes and activities are again on schedule.

We are applying safety guidelines and procedures to keep our environment safe.

You can also browse the Online archives:

Welcome to the Community of Living Ethics

The Community of Living Ethics is a non-religious cultural association.
All our activities are inspired by the study and application of the principles of Living Ethics.
The Community of Livig Ethics operates as a living organism, working through several Centers – each one with a specific function and purpose.

If you wish to experience the Community you can travel to the beautiful Umbria regio in Italy and experience our group life: you can visit for a day only or you can have a residential stay. The Community of Living Ethics organises Guided tours in specific dates to show you around. You can also attend weekly classes in english or participate to the ”Light your Fire” experience week, especially designed for people to experience that “spark” that animates our Community. You can also come for volunteering or service in a field of interest.

For residential stays it is always a good idea to check for accomodation availability, by contacting our Welcome Centre prior to organize your trip. You are strongly advised to come with a car, in order to be able to move independently.

See all planned Guided Visits 2020

Meditations “from the heart of  Community”

Meditating with the Community of Living Ethics – Live meditation will resume in september 2020

Let’s take the opportunity to use the Covid Global Crisis to reflect, find a new balance, grasp emerging ideas and tap into the reservoir of energy that will allow for a brighter future to emerge.

12-07-2020 –  Meditation – The eternal Origins: the masculine and feminine principles

We – both as individuals and as humanity – originate from the Mother and Father of the world. These principles where reflected in our parents, butextend beyond that. Let us all dive into the reality and qualities of the eternal origins.
This is the final meditation for this cycle. Meditations will resume after summer.

Listen to all meditations

Welcome young travellers!

Are you a young person between 22 and 32 years old looking for a residential experience at the Community of Living Ethics?
Please contact our Welcome Centre!
To find more information on our special volunteering program for young people or on how to start a project in collaboration with the Community of Living Ethics.

You are welcome to contact our international secretariat for information about the Community of Living Ethics and the Activities you can participate to.

Contact us
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