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Comunità di Etica Vivente.org

1920 * 2020
One Hundred Years of Agni Yoga Teachings

Società Italiana di Agni Yoga

Humanity and the Cosmos

Our focus and challenge for the future

International Agni Yoga Conference

October 1-4, 2020
OnLine Event

Why this conference?

Over the last seventy years, with extraordinary speed, almost all humanity is acquiring a planetary consciousness that was virtually completely lacking previously. As human beings, we are understood to be the crew of a vessel, the planet Earth, which travels in the space. We understand that we have only two choices: to cooperate in taking care of the ship and let it remain hospitable so that the journey continues well; or to drift, destroying one another.

Planetary consciousness is a huge step forward for humanity. Although there are still many people who profess or pretend to ignore it, this step is one of the basic developments of our present civilization. Nobody can shirk it, including the people who affirm that the planet has the property of self-regulation and regeneration and that humanity is not obliged to be responsible for it.

If we pay attention to what comes out from the teaching of Agni Yoga, we find a further impulse as how to straighten the helm of our vessel: it is necessary that humanity acquires a cosmic consciousness. Thus it is necessary to be aware that the Universe is a Cosmic Oneness and that the Earth is like a cell of a huge organism: if we live playing our role in total harmony, we shall be able to live well with the right love for our home. On the contrary, if we destroy ourselves and our planet, we shall become as a cancer cell in a human being, which sooner or later will cause its own expulsion out of the evolutionary cycle, as happened long ago to the moon.

However, it is not only a matter of survival, trying to preserve as much as possible of our old habits. Cosmic consciousness carries two fundamental consequences for the future of humanity and Earth: the attainment of the spiritual unity, that is the coming of the soul kingdom and Common Good, beyond the narrow, selfish interest; and the participation in the work of cosmic building, as a working cell in a continuous building site.

The Community of Living Ethics and the Italian Society of Agni Yoga are collaborating for the realization of this important event that takes up the exploration work of the “Consciousness” phenomenon, started with “Scientist for Peace” and deepened in “The Planet Within” – our previous Conferences – widening the field of investigation to cosmic consciousness through the teaching of Agni Yoga, of which one hundred years are celebrated in 2020.

When humanity will come to understand the Cosmic Oneness, the cosmic construction will be affirmed. (Infinity I, 360)

Why should you attend?

Because each of us can be interested in starting to open up to the cosmic consciousness, necessary to achieve the spiritual unity of humanity, understanding what it means on the basis of the indications of Agni Yoga.
When we acquire the deep awareness of living in a small room (the Earth) of a large, infinite house (the Cosmos), we will find the key that opens the door to the heart of humanity and we will be able “to see the stars again” in a new way.

Who should attend?

All those who are sensitive to the development of individual and group consciousness, in search of deep and demanding answers, eager to act on themselves and the world to contribute to a positive change, also for the preservation of the “common home”: pragmatic visionaries and courageous operators…

Group work at the Community of Living Ethics

How will we work?

By sharing thought, experiences and feeling we will try to understand and experience together , through the teaching of Agni Yoga, what the cosmic consciousness is and how the single consciousness can become a part of it.

there will be:

  • presentations and evidence from guests
  • plenary sharing
  • work-shops in smaller groups


This conference was conceived in various sessions, through contributions, workshops and moments of active sharing. We will explore the following topics:

  • 100 years of Agni Yoga: the initial dissemination and developments
  • Humanity facing the Cosmos
  • Ethics in action in everyday life
  • Links between Agni Yoga and Astrophysics
  • Towards a culture of cosmic consciousness
  • Individual, group, national, planetary, solar, galactic and cosmic consciousness: the steps of a single scale
  • The Agni Yoga groups on the planet: points or network of Light?
  • Agni Yoga and the future: a new planetary impulse

Waiting for the conference …

Who will contribute

We have invited representatives of different “cultures” of Agni Yoga, who can bring current aspects of this Teaching, significantly contributing to the theme of the Conference. There will be also some eminent people, “out of the field” of Agni Yoga, who, through their experience of life and work, can make people feel that the stimuli proposed by the Conference are already present in those who have autonomously expanded the field of their own conscience.


Why online?

Our decision to move online reflects what we sense as the Planetary Will to have all our brothers and sisters of the International Agni Yoga community joined together at this time of great potency and evolutionary importance. It seemed clear that if we had continued with the ‘physical’ conference it is highly likely that only people coming from European countries would be able to attend. So, we are also excited that this will now provide the opportunity for a larger group of people to join the Conference from across the world.

This change to an online mode has led to a certain commitment on our part to gain knowledge of the virtual/online technology and support that allows us to offer a quality product and that can best respond to our intent and the deep motivations of a conference on this issue.

Program and info

The conference program remains almost unchanged as regards subjects and contributors. Other details and conference timing will be shared on this web page once the programme has been refined and finalised.

How to book for the conference

We propose an experiment!

Rather than establishing a fixed amount calculated based on the costs of running the Conference, we intend to let everyone connect inwardly and decide for  themselves how much they want to donate.

Having taken the opportunity to change the location and format of our event, we would like to experience a new way of economic participation: the Gift Economy, which is increasingly being talked about, and which now – especially in a conference on a theme so oriented to the future – we could really bring to reality.

It is a question for each of us to appeal to our Heart for it to guide us to establish what we want to give to support this Conference; certain that the event itself will return to us based on what, as a consciousness, we have given,  and certainly much more.

Therefore, we call our hearts to the appeal and start the dialogue from which it will emerge how much we want to give!

Sign up now by filling in the form. Depending on how people respond to the proposal based on donating, we will then find a way to circulate more widely any surplus funds that we receive.


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[NB.] To register for the conference, click on the "SEND" button before making the donation



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