Comunità di Etica

III. International Conference

October 19 – 21, 2018

Venue: Aula della cultura, Città della Pieve, Italy

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The end point on the Event

Can Peace be conquered on the Planet permanently?

For the researchers of various branches of learning who took part in the International Conference “Scientists for Peace” the answer is yes, and the first step will be the commitment to increase the awareness of that part of the public opinion conditioned by information that is often distorted and incomplete.

Only effective communication can enable individuals to know, and therefore operate, with increasing awareness, in their daily actions, respecting themselves and their peers. Starting from their own consumptions and rethinking their needs, whose ideological, as well as economic, burden harms the entire planet and its resources.

All this requires dialogue between the various disciplines to arrive at a joint effort where Psychology and Physics intertwine in Mathematics and Law, Economics and Education, Philosophy and Medicine.

The goal is a Healthy world where Prejudice, Fear and War are no longer present. Where Science, as well, gives human beings awareness of the Cosmos, revealing more and more surprising analogical correlations and interconnections, taking a position for certain distortions to be corrected.

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Program Index performed

  • Scientific Research for Peaceful Future of Humanity
  • New Paradigm – Interscalar Science for Life

  • Frontier Science and New Perspectives

  • Ethics in Science for a Future without War

  • Consciousness and Spirituality in Science
  • Science for Spirituality and Ethics

  • Planetary Ethics and Academic Freedom in Research

  • Global Consciousness and Movements for Peace

  • Economy, Education and Medicine for the Future Social Progress
  • Science for an Ethical Economy

  • Ethics in Education and Scientific Research

  • Ethical Medicine – Healing and Consciousness

Abstract of the scientists speeches

The Declaration for Unesco

Comunità di Etica Vivente – Città della Pieve (Perugia)

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