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The Community of Living Ethics was born as a creative meditation center. Creative meditation draws its inspiration from the “Laws and Principles”-  an essential reference for our Future.

Laws and Principles

The practice of creative meditation is based on Laws and Principles:

The yearly work on creative meditation at the Community of Living Ethics is based on “Laws and Principles” outlined in an essay by Roberto Assagioli, in conjunction with the full moon cycle.

Laws: Right Human Relations – Group Endeavour – Spiritual Approach

Principles: Goodwill   – Unanimity – Essential Divinity

Full moon and New moon meditations

New moons and full moons are significant accents in the rythm of our life and in the sky cycle.

The New Moon intensifies the “prayer”. This is the time we can sow the seeds for new projects in our heart, in accordance with the specific energies and messages brought to us by the solar signs. We can protect and grow these seedds until the next full moon.

The Full Moon is the moment of “blessing”, when it is possible to receive and distibute the energies that the Sky pours on Earth, to allow human and planetary evolution.
This is the right time to transform into actions the projects for the Common Good that we began to nourish at the New moon.

Full Moons

Aries full moon

8 April h.4:36

Taurus full moon

7 May h.12:46

Gemini full moon

5 June h.21:14

Cancer full moon

5 July h.6:46

Leo full moon

3 August h.8:00 - 17:00

Virgo full moon

2 September h.7:23

New moons

Taurus new moon

23 April h.4:27

Gemini new moon

22 May h.19:40

Cancer new moon

20 July h.19:34

Leo new moon

19 August h.4:43

Virgo new moon

17 September h.13:10

Solstices and Equinoxes

Solstices and Equinoxes follow the Light Cycle on our planet. They “punctuate” the moments of maximum and minimum Light (Solstices) and of balance between day and night (Equinoxes) in the eternal ascending and descending dance of visible Light.

Summer Solstice

20 June h.23:45

Autumn Equinox

22 September h.15:32

Winter solstice

21 December h.10:02

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