Topics of the Conference

"Scientists for Peace"

Scientific Research and the Future of Humanity

  • New Paradigm – Interscalar Science for Life
  • Ecology and Future Resources
  • Academic Freedom in Research
  • Ethics in Engineering for Future without War

Science of Consciousness and Spirituality

  • Consciousness and Spirituality in Frontier Science
  • Planetary Ethics in Scientific Research
  • Global Consciousness and Movement for Peace
  • History of Science and the Future of Humanity

Future Economy and Social Progress

  • Frontier Science and Future Energy Resources
  • Science for Ethical Economy
  • Ethics in Education and Scientific Research
  • Ethical Medicine – Healing and Consciousness

Discussion with the public (questions and reflections)

  • Declaration “scientist for peace”
  • Awarding artists and scientists

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Scientists for Peace
Planetary Consciousness and Ethics



Why this Conference?

What is missing in current ethics?

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