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Mirco Elena (1958) Physicist, researcher, journalist with interdisciplinary interests, he has worked professionally on materials science and on scientific aspects of peace. He is the author of specialist articles, editor and author of books, translator. Has more than forty years of scientific popularization experience, both through public meetings and articles in magazines and newspapers, as well as by books and radio/TV programs.
Head of the Trento Section of the Union of Scientists for Disarmament (USPID) and Director of the Trento Office of ISODARCO (International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts; the main formative initiative of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, awarded in 1995 by the Nobel Peace Prize). Organizer of national and international cultural events and conferences, expert on energy. Interested in Chinese issues, after visiting repeatedly that country (more than one-year-stay in total); has written a book entitled “Cina e Italia allo specchio” (in Italian).
Member of Cai-Sat, WWF, Legambiente, LAV, founder and for many years president and animator of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Trento. Mirco Elena loves traveling independently to remote and wild parts of our world and to experience different cultures.

Mirco Elena is editor, author or co-author of the books:

Controlling the International Transfer of Weaponry and Related Technology (Studies in Disarmament & Conflicts), with David Carlton, Klaus Gottstein and Paul Ingram, 240 pages, Dartmouth Pub. Co., 1995.

Technology Transfer, with Dietrich Schroeer, 270 pages, Ashgate Pub. Ltd., Aldershot, 2000.

Chernobyl e il Trentino: la paura atomica nel piatto, 303 pages, Tecnolito, Trento, 2007.

Cina e Italia allo specchio, with Yu Jin, 146 pages, Centro Studi Martino Martini, Università degli Studi di Trento, Trento, 2015.

Chernobyl: dal dramma alla speranza, 242 pages, Fondazione Aiutiamoli a Vivere, Trento, 2016.