Maurizio Consoli

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Project Description


Maurizio Consoli is the Research Director of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) – Catania Section. As visiting researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Utrecht he worked under the supervision of Prof. M. J. G. Veltman (Nobelprize in Physics 1999), then as research associate in the Theory Division of CERN.

Maurizio: “I have tried, whenever possible, to exploit the more general implications of my research activity. I believe that this wider perspective of scientists is important to reach that ideal of Truth which is crucial for a real peaceful coexistence of different cultures and peoples. I have been emphasizing that checking with ether-drift experiments the picture of the vacuum as an underlying, all-pervading random medium could help to bring modern science closer to those old eastern philosophies and/or religions which consider the world as an interconnected whole.”

Main research fields: Precision tests of quantum field theories, studies of gravity, ether-drift experiments and possible existence of a preferred reference frame.



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