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Astrophysics first, then teacher of classical and quantum mechanics, today dedicated to the evolution and liberation of mankind, Giuliana Conforto tracks down the deceptions that bewitch the human mind and make it a succubus of an iniquitous political system, a videocracy that has become a debitocracy. With emotion, rigorous commitment and discerning mind, she penetrates the hidden folds that animate the world and its secret casket: nuclear matter. With the sudden appearance of antimatter, the Evangelical Message is explained and confirmed, centered on death, resurrection and ascension of the human body: this is Giuliana Conforto’s belief, who sweeps various disciplines and offers her contribution to a culture centered on the human being and addressed to the practical realization of a just, wise and prosperous world for all.
To facilitate the necessary awakening, she proposes the use of the luminous side of the FORCE. It is not science fiction: it is the weak nuclear current for that particular science, physics, which discovers it in the ’70s and … forgets it, ignoring its effects on organisms. Its use allows direct cognition and functional integrity of the human brain, confirms the theses of the great sages – Socrates, Pythagoras, Dante Alighieri, Giordano Bruno, Leibniz etc. – and proposes them again in a perspective that allows us to understand the “mysterious” events taking place. She dissociates itself in a clear way from a certain “spirituality” made of vain words and meaningless slogans.

Giuliana Conforto writes:

I studied astrophysics and geophysics and was a professor of mechanics and quantum physics, always moved by the yearning for freedom and aimed at the union between the high and the low, the small and the big, Man and Universe. So I crossed the boundaries established by the academy, loved astrology, looked for the meaning of things, analyzed the foundations of “knowledge” and verified that they are mental categories … invented … I have thus discovered that there are no real mysteries, but only names that deceive, vain words, “spiritual” slogans, dogmas or principles that create good believers, that is, good clients. We are immersed in a virtual reality – a matrix – and we have the “tool” to transform it. It is our body, capable of performing organic alchemy if our gray mind stops believing in dualism or bipolarity, in the “struggle between good and evil”. The Universe is not only the miserable portion that appears to scientific instruments, as also the same Space Sciences recognize. Ignoring the immense dark energy that springs up the “emptiness” that is present in every atom – therefore in the human body that is composed of atoms – “knowledge” cannot use the luminous side of the FORCE that therefore hides. By comparing my feelings with scientific discoveries, I realized that it is not only science fiction, but also and above all consciousness…

Some of Giuliana Conforto’s books:

Baby Sun Revelation, 2008-2013, Ed. Noesis
Il Parto della Vergine, 2010, Ed. Noesis
Cambio di Logica, 2016, Ed. Verdechiaro, Ed. Nexus