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Welcome world!
Find information about the Community and the initiatives for international guests.

If you wish to know the Community by experience you can choose among various options, from one day visits  without accomodation to a residential stay. You can also attend a weekly class, or participate to the “Community Life” week especially designed for people who want to experience our Community model. You can also come for volunteering /service experience or for a stay at the Community without specific commitment of service.

Please understand that for residential stay we will always have to check availability of accommodation with kitchen, and you will need to be independent in transportation.

Welcome young travellers!

If you are between 22 and 32 years old and would like to experience a residential stay at the Commnity of Living Ethics, contact us to find out more information on special young programs for volunteering or starting a project in collaboration with the Community of Living Ethics.

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Visits, experiences and classes for international guests

Meditation classes for international guests

You are welcome to contact our international secretariat for information about the Community of Living Ethics and the Activities you can participate to.

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