(…) How may one approach the above-mentioned Absolute? It cannot be done through technical means or earthly science, nor by descriptive art. (Community – § 20)


What is going to happen? What awaits us in the future? What are we going to know and recognize? Here are some questions that already sound in the space of our consciousness and that will resonate in the space of deepening and sharing of our next Agni Yoga Conference in May.

One of the central aspects of the Agni Yoga Teaching is the path of consciousness traced to distant worlds and the Infinite. A way that can be walked by every human being who is sincerely attracted to it and who wants to feel like an authentic collaborator of universal evolution and not a spectator unaware of the laws that govern it.

Here then we have a first recognition, a first step in the journey: the recognition of the subtle world, of the invisible world, the world which in Agni Yoga is called the Supermundane World. It is an accessible world, which contains the earthly world, or physical world, and together it constitutes its natural expansion and evolution. We are participating in the creation of a new spiritual culture that will present, in the future, to the world the life dimension of the Supermundane and the primary energy, or psychic energy, which unites all worlds into one reality. “People pay little attention to the Invisible World. You need to consciously accustom yourself to understanding its presence in everything. You can look upon Space as a conducting wire to the Invisible Worlds that are observing us.” (Heart § 60).

This first recognition will be followed by a second one, that of the continuous evolution and expansion of human consciousness, the true and only engine of human evolution, the true and only means of traveling in time and infinite space, courageously overcoming all limits and limitations. “It is necessary to strive toward the utmost, the absolute. The utmost absolute gravitation will be toward the far-off worlds…. How may one approach the above-mentioned Absolute? It cannot be done through technical means or earthly science, nor by descriptive art. It is possible only through the expansion of consciousness… Only in the realization of all-comprehensiveness may one endure the brilliance of the luminaries. But in order to contain this scintillation, one must set alight one’s inner fires.” (Community § 20).

Here is what we will try to achieve together: ignite our inner fire, an internal fire that will make us understand our duty and our best possibilities. “…One must fulfill one’s obligation to Earth by promoting the foundations of evolution. In this way one achieves the highest cooperation with humanity…”(Agni Yoga § 154). “…. Renovate the concept of the new worlds, realizing that they will be unlike yourself and your issue. Construct a new stronghold upon better principles….”(Infinity I § 75).

Once we have recognized the Supermundane World and the way along which the expansion of consciousness can guide us, we will find the way to a third recognition, that of the existence of an evolutionary plan, which every teaching of wisdom has secretly handed down, and whose understanding and acceptance today becomes not only accessible to many but indispensable for the very fate of our planet. Agni Yoga has announced to us the coming epoch of Fire, a crucial epoch of turning point and passage for the life of our world and of the solar system of which we are part. “The planet is completing a cycle which leads everything to summation…. The time has come when the planet is drawing near to such a circle of summation, and only the most saturated tension of the potential will result in victory… (Fiery World III § 350).

And again, from the teaching of Agni Yoga: “The World is living through those stages by which have been signalized all the decisive moments in the history of mankind. Stages of destruction precede construction. Creativeness, having been tensed, calls all energies to life. That epoch into which humanity has entered is a decisive one, and a turning point in history is approaching. Surely, the condition of the planet has not come about by accident, and each tension bears witness to that current which is engulfing all spheres. If the conflict is inexorable, so will the victory be decisive…”(Fiery World III § 352)

Here is the challenge we are engaged in, here is what awaits us in the near future, indeed, here and now.

These three understandings, supermundane life, expansion of consciousness and awareness of a plan that affirms a crucial passage, will open the inner doors to new experiences and knowledge that will allow us to enter the space of an authentic regeneration of human and planetary life.

Cosmic Laws must be looked upon as prophetic Commands. In the reconstruction of the World a most important care will be the establishment of the cosmic laws….” (Fiery World III § 346). “…The fundamental requirement of Reconstruction is the knowledge of the Principles …” (Fiery World III § 131).

Here, during this Conference, it will then be possible to start opening up to a cosmic consciousness; here then resound an appeal, a call to engage in our conference not only as an occasion for celebration and a recognition of what has been prepared and achieved, but also as the opportunity to create a turning point together towards the spiritual rebirth of ‘Humanity. “Resurrection of the spirit—what a sublime concept! It should be understood as the call of Beauty and also a magnetic transmutation in life! Resurrection of the spirit must be understood as a most vital law…. “(Fiery World III §142).

Let’s respond to this new appeal!


Iimage: Kepler-452b – NASA / Ames / JPL-Caltech

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