Dear Brothers and Sisters on the Path,

The current world crises requires a unified effort of all people who believe in the power of united thought.

Every seven years from December 21-28 there is a powerful influx of spiritual energy that pours into the planet.  We can respond individually and/or compound our experience of receiving this impact by gathering together in groups – either on the physical plane or through the power of thought. December 2019 is the beginning of a new seven year cycle. It is known as the World Servers Festival Week, or the Festival of Group Impact.

We invite you to watch the World Servers Festival Week video here to learn more about this opportunity of meditative service to humanity. Please visit to learn more. If you resonate with the message, please share this video with your friends, families, colleagues and co-workers.  It is available in different languages — see the list of links to this video in other languages below.

As a way to synchronize the power of the collective intention, we invite you to participate in and help us distribute through your networks information about the Solstice Silent Minute initiative for global cooperation on 21 December 2019 at 9 pm GMT/UTC. This Silent Minute occurs on the first day of the seven year cycle. Read more about it here. This information is available in number of languages and formats here. Please help to spread the word throughout the World.

The 2025 Initiative cooperates with many groups and networks to assist members of the World Servers Group in preparation to the Festival Week. In the next two months we will be informing you about other Festival Week related initiatives and coordinated program of events.

In the name of the Future we all want,
2025 Initiative’s Coordination Group.

2019 World Servers Festival Week Video may be watched and listened to in the following languages: