April 21 – June 20

Individual and group activities

So far, mankind has progressed with transforming itself and the world through individuals who, either acting alone or guided by enlightened ones, intuitively grasped or expressed new ways of life.

In the coming Age of Aquarius, this process of renewal is necessarily accelerated and will be realized by aligning the activities of individuals within a group structure. This process occurs spontaneously on a physical and emotional level in the “family group”, on a mental level in some groups of co-workers and researchers, and on a spiritual level in some religious and monastic groups.

Group endeavour: a productive kind of collaboration

In today’s world, this approach constitutes a definitive point of reference, which assures that the integration of the group rises above potential individual emotional and mental distractions through its reliance on the collective endeavour. This collective endeavour in turn unifies what is essential in all human beings. Group Endeavour is in fact one of the most useful and productive kind of human collaboration.

Group Endeavour may take a variety of forms and it occurs at every stage of life. On closer examination of this general observation, we realize that the individual has the impulse to give him or herself up in order to find his or her own identity in the group, and that this impulse corresponds with a higher law. This law compels a man to break down the boundaries of his own egocentric perspective in order to appreciate a broader and more impersonal level of consciousness.

Emerging groups qualities

It can also be intuitively grasped that emerging groups will function differently from those in the past because the participants will not be linked by emotional bonds, but rather by the task to be accomplished and by a mutual understanding.

This is the basic principle of group Psychosynthesis, where the goal to be attained is the central focus of attention, disregarding the potential disharmony and divergences of various personalities.

Each participant will be required to focus their commitment to, and awareness on, the process of discovering new ways of life, which he can then freely pursue. This will cause the group to converge and achieve group unity.

Indispensable prerequisites for this work are a sufficient mental focus, the ability to control and make use of the imagination, a pronounced inner sensitivity, and a loving uncritical attitude towards others.

Roberto Assagioli defines this kind of groups as “free associations of individuals held together by a common idea, a common purpose, and a common service.” he adds: “The model of these groups will no longer be that of a solar system, with a central point of light and smaller units revolving around it, but rather the composition will be that of a star constellation of several suns aiming at a common goal. This requires a higher level of integration from group members and a mutual devotion to the goals for which the group was formed. These are all things that can only be achieved when there is a common inner orientation.”

This article contains excerpts and a synthesis  from the book “Laws and Principles of the New Age”, published by Editrice Nuova Era