We are beginning to put some seeds of thought into the field of our future Planet Within co-creative gathering. They are seeds released in freedom, to attract other seeds, other inspirations, other contributions.

Together, during The Planet Within gathering, we will find a way to unveil how Group Consciousness can be the gateway to the New Human Civilization. We know that the development of group consciousness is a response to a powerful evolutionary energy, defined as the law of elevation or as the law of group progress.

This development is marking this time of life of Humanity, and despite the contrasts and conflicts that characterize every new phase of crisis and learning of the human group, we can see how this process is renewing from within, the whole system of human relations. As in any evolutionary process, we are confronted with higher general laws and theoretical knowledge that derive from the teachings of wisdom coming from various cultures and traditions. Yet what counts most and has real value is to perceive the process in its living reality, and experience it from within, as careful and participative experimenters.

What mostly matters is to take this process to heart today, to nourish it with the commitment and exchange of meaningful experiences, to feel it as a fire capable of renewing the very forms of the world. Forms such as the relationships between human groups, the relations between Humanity and the other Kingdoms of Nature,  the relations between Humanity and the great vital systems in which it lives, moves and evolves.

What happens when we respond to this process, to this stimulus? What begins to happen to a group of human consciousnesses that accept this experiment and this way, with increasing awareness?

As a first step, this group of human consciousnesses begins to remember and recognize the meaning of life as a sacred thing. This renewed sense of the sacred, which does not refer to a particular religious vision, begins to mark the thoughts, words and behavior of the group, which commits itself to putting the sacredness of life, and even its own mystery, at the center of its own reflections, feelings and actions. The group aims to contribute to the improvement of human life.

As a second step, the group gradually develops the perception of being guided, of having within itself, at the highest point of recognition, a common purpose, a guiding principle, as if it were a stable light on its own progress, a real sun, capable of feeding, heating and lighting.

As a third step, the group tends to recognize itself permanently as such, and begins to perceive the existence of group life as that of a living entity that begins its own development and growth. A way of thinking and feeling begins to appear that directs the process toward the affirmation of a common good capable of containing the individual good. The group perceives the existence of a vital and creative center that takes care of the growth of the whole, and develops a sense of certain affinity among its participants.

As a fourth step, the group begins to experiment with as a new way art of living, who’s energy center is the same evolution of consciousness, of awareness. One is guided by the imitation of higher life models, certainly wider and more inclusive, where each relationship between the various parts is marked by the search for harmony and right proportions, where greater and smaller cooperate, recognize and help each other.

As a fifth step, the group begins to understand how a new human civilization cannot disregard a new vision of culture. A culture capable of infusing the values ​​of unity in diversity, freedom, cooperation and beauty as cornerstones of the world regeneration process. The group begins to understand the value of its work, considers it part of a larger work and perceives the existence of a network of other groups at work, in the various fields of human activity, united by the common commitment to the birth of this renewed human civilization.

As a sixth step, the group learns a new level of communication within it. Learns to communicate with its inner essence, with the core of power, love and intelligence inherent in every living creature. The group increasingly perceives a sense of profound unity, and a sense of new humanity that will help it recognize and honor the same sense of unity in other groups, with which it will learn to communicate on the plane of essence and not of form.

Finally, as a seventh step, the group of consciousnesses begin to experience the special energy of synthesis, this force, still so new, that characterizes our time. Synthesis between ideas, words, feelings and actions. Synthesis between one’s own aspiration to be useful to human progress and the ability to transfer it to daily, stable and rhythmic action within a group. The group finds again the law of equilibrium and of natural life order, and it acquires a full awareness to be part of the planetary life, to serve to the best of its own possibilities

Franco Anesi