Project Description

Riccardo De Amici grew up with Psychosinthesis and Anthroposofy, attending the Urusvati summer camp at the Community for around 12 years. He holds a Master Degree in Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in International Development with Social Anthropology and Politics, both from the University of East Anglia, Norwich (U.K.).

In the Intentional community of Auroville (South India), he designed, founded and ran an urban farming project for almost 2 years.

Trained as a CLIPS Facilitator (Community Learning Incubator Program for Sustainability), EDE Trainer (Ecovillage Design Education, through Gaia Education) and Permaculture Consultant, Riccardo aims at converging ecological regeneration with wider team building practices to foster the holistic development of Conscious Communities.
He currently sits as an elected member of the council of the European Ecovillage Network, and acts as a representative of Comunità di Etica Vivente at the Italian Ecovillage networks assemblies – RIVE.