Project Description

Hartmut Müller, born in the GDR, graduated in philosophy and natural sciences at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia. Until 1990 he worked as a university professor in Russia and made contributions in applied mathematics to Soviet space research projects. For his scientific research in the field of Global Scaling and his commitment to ethics in science, he received the Vernadski medal, the highest recognition of the non-governmental Russian Inter-Academic Society.

Global Scaling is a universal law of cosmological significance allowing for the prediction of the behavior of highly complex processes – from particle and nuclear physics to astrophysics, geophysics, biophysics and economics. Hartmut is recognized for his public engagement for non-military application of scientific research. In an interview he stated: “New findings in particle physics, geo- and astrophysics and the discovery of extrasolar planetary systems deliver strong confirmations of Global Scaling that could be the new scientific paradigm – explaining mathematically how sub-atomic and galactic scales are directly related to biological life, thus realizing the infinite harmony of the universe.”

Since 2015, Hartmut has been conducting scientific research in the Community of Living Ethics and teaching at the school of naturopathy “Naturovaloris”.


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