In 2012, a new challenge was given to a group who had focussed their efforts for ten years on singing with the Nirmanakyas (the group of divine contemplatives, who protect our karmic limits). *
In 2012 the challenge became the task of anchoring the energy of the Divine Mother within the planet and establishing the blueprint of society to come**.
Both tasks depended on the group involved overcoming any challenge to their own connections to their solar selves, the Buddhic selves where wisdom abides. The “I am” Self, at all times, needs a strong connection to the little self on earth, which requires that self to surrender to Selves much more electric/dynamic from the solar system and beyond. Following instruction and guidance:
obeying Higher Laws of Correspondence, Harmony & Vibration has allowed this work to be done.
Mantrikashakti is a term in Sanscrit which acknowledges the force or power of letters or speech or music, which carry sacred energy. It implies that maintaining and using resonance of the sacred subsumes the non-sacred. This term describes the service we do. Mantra used, are sounded in a variety of languages.

This group has had to learn:

  1. To strengthen their individual and group energies to receive cosmic fire.
  2. To sound given mantra when required and use their higher minds to distribute them where needed.
  3. To develop their inner perception.
  4. To recognise how the solar system – each planetary body and moons, affect their home planet.
  5. To learn the power of that sparkling and sometimes, elusive particle of Love, often called zthe adamantine particle, or the Christ particle.

This group also, has been called to discern when destruction of form around the planet was called for, and when it was wanton. They have learned to use certain sounds, words and phrases, pitched at a level to “hold” form, and those which could be used in the aftermath of a large destructive event, to assist in salvage. Their greatest task has been to recognise the battle which has raged cyclically, deeply and constantly since the end of the first civilisation: to assist and maintain earth’s soul in all its aspects. Fields trips to places within Aotearoa/New Zealand maintain conscious co-
creative partnership.

Can we collectively learn to take responsibility for our planet’s destiny?

This task can be summarised by considering the name of the School:
The School of Planetary and Divine Union Te Ranga Haurua Uenuku. The weaving of the
Inner &Outer Rainbow. It is a school without walls, which works with unseen (Devic and elemental) forces. Students are learning to receive the sounds of the Divine Builders, and distribute that energy as required, thus rebuilding form with the required resonance for society to come. Recognising and knowing those forces creates a co-operative and co-creative process focussed within Aotearoa/ New Zealand, and more recently, in the Pacific, in a region recognised as Zealandia, a continent recently re-discovered by Hamish Campbell and Nick Mortimer, geologists. Group vision has expanded to view this nation within the continent Zealandia, which lies mostly under the sea.

*Seed Group Eight does Psychological service, as described in “Externalisation of the Hierarchy” A.A.Bailey. p.58
** Seed Group Seven, which D.K. describes to be “in the field of science… closely allied to that of the seventh ray…with a most practical purpose. It is strictly magical in its technique…” p.56
Focusers of this Group are Gill Goodison and James Wickenden who live in North King Country, near a twelve-hundred hectare bush reserve. They live on an organic fifty-acre life-style block which hosts small seminars and retreats for those who are interested in living consciously, developing their relationship with the unseen energetic forces around them, using meditation, sound and an appreciation of colour.

by James