The Service of the Community of Living Ethics in India includes the Himalayan Centre of Agni Yoga in Kalimpong and the Darjeeling Goodwill Centre in Darjeeling, both in West Bengal.

The Himalayan Centre of Agni Yoga is located in Crookety, the house where Helena Roerich spent the last years of her life. Crookety House provides a base for residential activities linked to thematic seminars and travel experiences, as well as individual accommodation for guests who wish to contact the energy of this place.

The Darjeeling Goodwill Centre carries out awareness activities in the fields of Culture, Education, natural Health and Psychosynthesis for the local population, organized together with Indian and international co-workers and NGO.

The activities are managed through the Himalayan Institute of Goodwill and Living Ethics (HIGLE), a Trust established in India, which operates in cooperation with another local Trust, the Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter.

Helena Roerich was the focal point for anchoring the Agni Yoga Teaching on the Planet. This Teaching was transmitted through her and thanks to her work it was started to be spread around. Thus, Crookety represents the last physical abode of her final work. It is a magnetic place, where those who dedicate themselves to the Agni Yoga Teaching may find inspiration and a guiding light on their path of inner research towards the Subtle and the Fiery World.
2020 will be recorded as the year of transformation due to the global pandemic experience that forced many centers of Light on the Planet to close their public activity. At the same time the use of new web technologies helped to develop even more the network through subtle connections: the Himalayan Centre of Agni Yoga became part of the international coordination group, which is offering the monthly Agni Yoga meditation on every 24th .

We imagine a future where many Agni Yoga students from all over the world will be meeting again at the Himalayan Centre of Agni Yoga to study and work together in the sacred light of Kanchenjunga, the Mountain of Five Treasures.

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  • Our Team:

  • Fiorenza Bortolotti, Coordinator

  • Marina Bernardi, Himalayan Centre of Agni Yoga, Crookety House, Kalimpong

  • Ursula Raab, Darjeeling Goodwill Centre

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2020-2021 Activities

2020 Events

  • International Gathering for Scorpio Full Moon
    Steve Nation and Barbara Valocore – Intuition in Service & Lifebridge
    Foundation (USA),
    Where: DGC & Crookety House
    When: October Thursday 29th – November Tuesday 3rd
    Fullmoon Celebration: October Saturday 31st

  • Theme of the year
    2 wings for 1 flight: Human and Plant Kingdom on a Healthy Journey

    XII Goodwill Week
    Where: Darjeeling Goodwill Centre
    When: November Saturday/Sunday 7– 8

2021 Events

  • New Year Celebration
    Where: Crookety House
    When: January Friday 1

  • The Mother of Agni Yoga
    Anniversary of Helena Roerich
    Where:  Crookety House
    When: February Friday 12

  • The Day of the Master
    Crookety House
    When: March Wednesday 24

  • Wesak Celebration
    Crookety and DGC
    When: April Sunday 25 – Thursday 29
    Wesak Fullmoon: Tuesday 27, 9.03 am Indian Time

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