Helena Roerich had developed the higher authority of clairaudience; therefore, we can believe that the books of Agni Yoga were dictated directly by the Mahatma Morya.


The transmission of the books of Agni Yoga lasted from 1920 to 1938. Helena Roerich had developed the higher authority of clairaudience, in particular after she moved to India and during the “fiery” experience of the terrible Tibetan winter. Therefore, we can believe that the books were dictated directly by the Mahatma Morya.

There are seventeen books of Agni Yoga. They have already been translated into many languages, through the great commitment undertaken in particular by Corona Mundi, an organization that has been in existence for several years in Geneva, Switzerland. The books are published in Italian by the Editrice Nuova Era www.editricenuovaera.org

Besides these books – known as the “Books of Agni Yoga” – there is another book, less known but no less important, written in the years between 1924 and 1928. The book is On Eastern Crossroads. Legends and Prophecies of Asia, which has been translated into Italian with the title Criptogrammi dell’Oriente. This book differs from the others because it contains parables and legends, instead of paragraphs and verses. It’s very interesting content discloses pages, still unknown in the current culture, of the life of the Christ, the Buddha, and other outstanding spiritual leaders of past history. These pages let us understand that we are far from knowing the true history of humanity. In his pamphlet A forgotten book, Anton Malyguine reports a significant sentence of the Buddha: “Truth is the only source of courage”. On Eastern Crossroads gives evidence that the courage can come from the love of truth. In our opinion, this book has all the requirements to be included among the “Books of Agni Yoga”.

And what happened after 1938? After completing the books, Helena Roerich continued until her death to note down in her diaries all the talks with her Master: a huge heritage of writings still partially investigated, which show the complexity and richness of the teaching.

After Nikolaj’s death in 1947, Helena moved with her son Yurij from Naggar in Kullu valley to Kalimpong in Eastern Himalaya. Kalimpong was well known for the mild climate, certainly more suitable for Elena’s age. She rented one of the most beautiful houses in town, built by a Scottish architect, called Crookety. This name comes from the remarkable, unusual “crooked” shape of the house. Helena died there in 1955 when she was aged 76. Until her last days of life, she was absorbed by an unceasing activity: she continued an intense exchange of letters with her almost 150 correspondents all around the world. They asked questions concerning the meaning of excerpts of the Teaching.

Crookety House was bought fourteen years ago by an Indian Trust with the contribution of the Community of Living Ethics. Now it is a little museum dedicated to its most outstanding inhabitant, and it is also a centre of study, culture and the spreading of Agni Yoga. The Community of Living Ethics has collected the most significant letters by Helena Roerich belonging to the Indian period, in the volume Lettere dall’India (Letters from India, Nuova Era, 2008). These letters tell us the astonishing importance of her thirty five years of work (1920-1955) serving the greatest Good for the future of humanity.

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