Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, used to take notes daily of his thoughts, reflections and insights on small handwritten paper sheets.

These notes – called now “Assagiolini” – are part of the huge Assagioli archive, at the Psychosynthesis Institute in Florence.

We are happy to offer a couple of examples of his notes related to Group Consciousness


Roberto Assagioli - group consciousness

Inter-individual Psychosynthesis – Introduction
General problem:
Individual v. mass
Individualism and collectivity
Right balance. Integration in the whole. The keyword for the solution is: group.
The group in general as balancing and integrating factor.
General goal: the organisation of the mass into a hierarchy of groups through the activity of self-conscious individuals, evolving the “organism of humanity”, as an Entity.
there has been the oscillation between the extremes.
Now the harmonious and needed solution consists in two paralleling activities of the individual: he has to acquire true individual spiritual self-consciousness extricating himself from the bondage of the collective.

(…) the group (…) is the (free) union of self-conscious individuals, capable of merging into the group Entity, without “losing themselves”, without “getting confused” in it. This is the problem, the task, the method of life of and in the New Era. Developing a twofold consciousness, indeed multiple (belonging to various groups) until the climax: consciousness at once individual and universal of the Master, of the Chohan, of the “Blessed One”. He is identified with the whole, indeed capable of self-consciousness