The radiance of the heart can bring together the most seemingly varied organisms, even across remote distances


Humanity faces so many challenges on the planet at this time. As we open our hearts to the necessity of meeting unmet needs, we strive to understand how to move through these times wisely, lovingly, effectively. Agni Yoga as the Yoga of Synthesis is also known by many other names; the Yoga of Fire, the Yoga of Thought and the Yoga of the Heart. It is also the Yoga of Living Ethics and hence is the yoga of our shared eternal values lived into experience.

When I was first introduced to Agni Yoga in the 1970s, two things stood out immediately. The first was a stirring in my heart as this Yoga of Fire and focus on living through the Heart called me to a deeper understanding and experience of Life itself. Upon first reading a paragraph from Agni Yoga, it was as though a match lit the spiritual kindling in my heart. The second was the Banner of Peace [picture] with the circle of one humanity and the three dots representing art, science and religion. I resonated deeply with this ancient symbol knowing that when humanity learns to acknowledge and appreciate one another’s art, science and religion we will live in a culture of peace.

Over the years, the experience of Agni Yoga deepened, and when I read and absorbed…

“…nothing can exist without the heart … the heart stands as the temple of humanity… the radiance of the heart can bring together the most seemingly varied organisms, even across remote distances. This experiment, of the unification of hearts across distance, awaits its workers.” – Heart, 339

…I knew that this experiment called me as one of the cooperators. May it touch your heart and offer a call to Italy in October where we gather in the spirit of cooperation, loving kindness, and direct communion as we explore our shared responsibility with, and role within, Cosmos. Think ‘Vision 2020’ as we gather, as we look to the future, as we help to create the conditions for a Culture of Peace; a Culture of Living Ethics; a Culture of the Heart, a culture in which Beauty is the keynote.

What a perfect opportunity for all of us who are seeking to meet and cooperate with like-minded and like-hearted souls as the journey continues. Hope to see you there!


Doroty MaverDot Maver




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