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SCIENTISTS FOR PEACE – the day after

2018-10-29T17:17:35+00:00 ottobre 24th, 2018|

III. International Conference October 19 – 21, 2018 Venue: Aula della cultura, Città della Pieve, Italy With the Patronage of Vai alla versione in Italiano The end point on the Event Can Peace be conquered on the Planet permanently? For the researchers of various branches of learning who [...]

The Seven Psychological Types in Client Work

2018-08-11T10:36:43+00:00 luglio 28th, 2018|

4 - 6 June 2019 _ Seminar, open to all The new psychology will be based on an understanding of the seven psychological types - also known as the seven rays. Method, times, requirements This workshop will show you how to test and work [...]

Co-Creation with the Subtle Worlds

2018-08-11T10:37:35+00:00 luglio 28th, 2018|

March 16 - 17, 2019 _  Seminar, open to all Each one of us is an evolving soul within an evolving planet. We are integral and interdependent aspects of a sacred Eco-system that is seeking to fulfill the purpose of the Planetary Life. So how [...]