International Conference “Scientists for Peace”

What is missing in current ethics?

2018-03-09T12:58:10+00:00 gennaio 24th, 2018|

Any true ethics must be universal and planetary, it must include all life forms, it must be interscalar. There is no interscalar vision. As a matter of fact, all notable systems of moral rules only speak of relationships between humans. But we cannot develop a genuine ethics if we consider humanity alone. Not too [...]

Why this Conference?

2018-03-09T12:31:45+00:00 gennaio 19th, 2018|

First of all, we must become conscious of the fact that humankind can only survive if it is able to live ethically. Everyone knows that "ethics" signifies a responsible and correct relationship. But what are the criteria for such a relationship? Today it is indispensable to define it in a scientific vision. Our mission [...]

Topics of the Conference

2018-05-09T18:49:12+00:00 gennaio 12th, 2018|

A) Scientific Research and the Future of Humanity New Paradigm - Interscalar Science for Life Frontier Science and Future Energy Resources Ethics in Engineering for a Future without War B) Science of Consciousness and Spirituality Consciousness and Spirituality in Frontier Science Planetary Ethics and Academic Freedom in Research Global Consciousness and Movements for Peace [...]