We are the Path

Wisdom applied to Service

I will tell you something which may seem strange and come as somewhat of a surprise to you but the Universal Truth which underlies this teaching and which renders it acceptable to all states of consciousness is the concept of service.

Everyone will respond to that concept regardless of that state of consciousness, for it evokes from within the individual the best that is within him. Realize this and you have found a key to the establishment of brotherhood within the human family …”

During this week (both in English and Italian) we will explore Wisdom applied to Service and connect with the energy of Synthesis, and its applications to all fields of human endeavour, individual, family, group, social, as a co-creative co-participation to the growing manifestation of a soul inspired life, responding to the Principles and Laws which are its source.

The program will focus on meditation, experiential understanding of the lesson material, and exploring of essential tools and techniques, transmitted by Lucille Cedercrans, applicable on themes related to Synthesis and Service, and its application and manifestation in our daily living.


One week seminar
open to all

Elisabetta raspini
Henry Guy

ACTIVITY 2016 – 2017

July    Sunday 2 – Saturday 8