The practice of Creative Meditation

The Creative Art of Living life
Responding to the Touch of the Soul


MeditationThe mysteries of the livingness of the laws and principles of the soul can be revealed through focused attention and reflective thinking applied to our everyday living.  We, humanity, learn by doing.  During this experiential creative meditation retreat we will explore levels of perception that lie behind the form and which bring life and meaning to our daily encounters.

Relationship is everything and everything is relationship.  A greater growth of understanding is one of the results of a closer relationship with the inner and outer worlds of thought.  This fundamental spiritual infusion of the personality is a transformational relationship which gifts many surprising and creative outcomes.  For the soul is group conscious and its touch gradually reveals the emergent new culture and civilisation. Service is a personal and group effort which will and is building the new world order out of the chaos and suffering of the times.

In this Italian summer retreat of 2016 we will work together creatively using meditation, experiential exercises, projection and dialoguing to experience the sparkling radiance of the Soul as it blesses us individually and our group environments. All are welcome to join us in this pioneering and experimental work.

One week experiantial
creative meditation retreat
Open to all

Elisabetta Raspini
Janet Derwent

ACTIVITY 2016 – 2017

August    Sunday 13 – Saturday 19